API to create Shipment

What is the correct API endpoint to create a shipment? I see you have shipment/shipment_id but there is no parameter for how to associate this shipment with any particular order. In the order endpoints you have a create_shipment, but your docs don’t provide any parameters of what actually needs to be sent. So how is a shipment created via the API for a particular order and for line items?


If you are on Ordoro 3, a shipment is created for you when you create an order using the v3 Order API.

If you need to split items, you would use the split order endpoint.

Hope this clears things up,

Thanks. I’m not sure I understand. How can a shipment be created when we create an order? First we have an order, and then we ship it with a carrier. What is the endpoint to use to create a shipment tracking number for an order. I see no such endpoint in the API. I see this, /order/order_number/mark_as_shipped - but there is no parameter for entering the tracking information for the order.


I apologize that I didn’t understand you meant tracking. If you would like to add tracking you may do so with the shipping_info endpoint.

/order/{order_number}/shipping_info docs

Great, thanks. Not sure how I missed that. easy enough.