Breaking changes to product endpoint

Release Date

July 30, 2019

Breaking Changes

We are changing the way our GET /product/ endpoint behaves.

Previously, the endpoint accepted a status param with one of the following statuses:


Example: GET /product/?status=kit_parent

Once the new product filters feature is released for your account, the product endpoint will no longer acknowledge status as a param. Instead, it will now accept the following parameters:

active bool
kit bool
kit_component bool
dropship bool
needs_sync bool
low_inventory bool
to_be_shipped bool
oversold bool
supplier int (accepts multiple)
sales_channel int (accepts multiple)
category string (accepts multiple)

The bool parameters all accept both true and false and will NOT apply any filter if not supplied.
For instance, to fetch ONLY active products, you will need to make the following request:
GET /product/?active=true.

If the active param is not supplied, you will get all products, including archived.
Inversely, if you want to fetch only archived products, send ?active=false.

You can combine any number of params. For example, to fetch active kit components make the following request:
GET /product/?active=true&kit_component=true

To fetch active NON kit components do the inverse:
GET /product/?active=true&kit_component=false

Some params can be passed multiple times: GET /product/?supplier=1&supplier=2

Other Changes

  • The limit, offset, sort, and search params have not changed.
  • cart is stilll accepted, however it is being deprecated in favor of sales_channel.
    • sales_channel will accept multiple inputs, whereas cart can only be passed once

How do I know if I have this feature?

  • If you have the new product list page with the omnibar at the top, then you can take advantage of these new filters. Until then, please continue to use the status param.

For more information please see the Ordoro API documentation