[BUG] Shipped orders marked as Dropshipment Requested can't be marked as Shipped back

App v3


Shipped orders marked as Dropshipment Requested can’t be marked as Shipped back.

When I did:

  • Mark an order as Dropshipment Requested
  • Add tracking to the order, the order will be marked as Shipped automatically.
  • Mark the order as Dropshipment Requested
  • Try to mark back the order as Shipped.

I expected:

The Order marked as Shipped

What actually happened:


Also, bulk marking of orders (check 100 orders and click Mark as Shipped) has stop on first error.


These appear to be app questions. Please contact Ordoro Support to answer questions related to the app. If you have API related questions, the forum is the right place here.

If this is an API question, please elaborate on the details. Thank you!