V3 Order->line missing product_supplier_id. Was returned in V2

In the V3 orders/ GET endpoint.
Could the product_supplier_id field be put back in the V3 Order->line object?
You are returning the supplier_price so why not the product_supplier_id? null if no default supplier assigned.

In the line.shipability object you only return supplier_id if item is dropship. null if in-house fulfilled.

I need product_supplier_id in order.line object for custom order processing…
Now, there is no way to find it directly in the orders endpoint response…

Please add it back.

Sophie? Jesse? Any chance of getting this property back?

We did not include this field when building v3, and it is unused in our application. We are looking into what its purpose is, but we have no plans at this time to add this to the response.