2 Ordoro Accounts - Warehouse Inventory Sync

I am in the process of integrating Ordoro into our e-commerce channels. However I am trying to figure out if its possible for two Ordoro Accounts to sync/connect with each other for inventory that is updated daily via the Ordoro API. For fulfillment we have our own warehouse and backend system (Microsoft Dynamics GP) and also Amazon FBA.

Ordoro account 1 has sales channels from BigCommerce and our microsites (on Shopify).

Ordoro account 2 has our marketplaces linked. I need to keep order history and transactions separate from our first account which has both our own warehouse and Amazon FBA. This second account will only have orders sent to our backend system. However the inventory from our backend system would be the same for both accounts, I don’t want to run the risk of selling out inventory in one Ordoro account while the other is not updating.

I appreciate any help or insight on this, thank you.

Hi Bill,

We don’t advise operating two accounts for the same inventory. Everything from inventory, to order history, is all built around the assumption that there is one account, one source-of-truth inventory. We would recommend merging the two accounts and proceeding from there.

Thank you,