Inventory Update from API

I’m on V3 and was told that the public API is for V2.

Am I able to update inventory quantities using the endpoints in the current API docs?


If you’re on V3, you can still use the V2 APIs for inventory quantities, but not order quantities. A quick rule of thumb is that anything order related is inaccessible via the API if you’re on V3. We’re hard at work on a new public API for V3 users, so stay tuned.

Thank you,

How would I go about updating inventory quantities via the v2 api? I tried POSTing back to the Or if the v3 public API is available, i’m willing to upgrade to that if needed.

I tried POSTing to /product/ with an existing sku, but I couldn’t get it to accept the request. I assume this is only for creating new Products.

I also tried POSTing to /product/<sku>, but got the error post() got an unexpected keyword argument 'sku' even though sku is listed as one of the fields accepted in the body of the request. I also didn’t see anything related to on_hand that I could set on that endpoint, even though there is a inventory_changed boolean available.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi Riley,

To update a product’s inventory, you need to make a PUT request to /product/<sku>/warehouse/<warehouse_id> with the body:

{ "on_hand": "${quantity}" }


Excellent! Worked perfectly. Thanks

Hello Riley,

i’m looking for someone to work with or independently build us our API using Ordoro. We mainly need it for inventory updates, order automation and tracking for wholesale suppliers.

Is this something you would be interested in working with us on?

I can be reached directly at 203-828-7069 or

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