3PL orders download

We needed some extra information when downloading orders for 3PL warehouses.

Assuming the 3PL warehouse has multiple “Clients” using Ordoro to feed them orders.

In the order download Json file which field will have that client code/name?


I am not sure what this question is referring to with regard to the API. Do you have specific requests you are trying to make?


We are downloading are orders in Ordoro through API. But need to know which field from the Json is the “Client”

example one warehouse has many clients they ship orders for.
When the end user places the order it needs to go the 3PL warehouse for fulfillment but they need to know which client it was for.

An order has a warehouse associated with it, and that will be in the warehouse nested warehouse object.

We do not have a client field. Are you referring to the sales channel/marketplace/cart from where the order comes into Ordoro?

No, not the sales channel. I guess we can use the warehouse field as the client.