Create Order API UPC


I am using the V3 API to create orders in Ordoro:

If the product is missing, Ordoro creates the product. Can I send a UPC to Ordoro and if the product is missing, map the UPC? I added the UPC to the OrderProductLine, but Ordoro says no field exists.


The unique identifier for a product in Ordoro is the sku, so the products on your order lines will require a sku.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the feedback.

During the new order sync to Ordoro, I know that Ordoro creates new products if they are missing. On the Ordoro OrderLineProduct object, can I specify the UPC field? I tried to specify it, but Ordoro says no UPC exists.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to post more specific details in order to understand the behavior you are describing.

What docs are you referring to, which api, method, body request, response, etc.

Thank you