API call to add tracking information to order

I am attempting to place an API call to add a tracking number to an automatically generated shipment.

I am posting to:
$url = “https://api.ordoro.com/shipment/5-1044-1/tracking/”;

My post payload looks like this:
array:3 [▼
"notify_cart" => true
"tracking" => "1Z85X8W00341190000"
“shipment_id” => “5-1044-1”

I am receiving this error message:
array (size=2)
‘error_message’ => string ‘The input must be dict-like (not a : u’1Z85X8W00341190000’)’ (length=75)
‘param’ => string ‘tracking’ (length=8)

This seems to indicate that this parameter is being converted to unicode, and I found some documents online that indicate you might be using a python back-end which has trouble with certain character encodings. I have tried using the connection header to specify ISO-8859-1 encoding and typecasting all of my variables to make sure they are simple ASCII, but I have not yet been able to get around this error. Do you have any suggestions or documentation related to this? Or, perhaps, is the problem something else completely?


The issue with your request is that tracking is a nested object. Apologies for the terrible error message, dict-like is referring to the dictionary or object mapping.

If you’ll take a look at the documentation linked here POST /shipment/:id/tracking/, you’ll see as below that tracking is of Type NewTracking.

Name Type
ship_date datetime
notify_cart stringbool
shipment_id string, required
tracking NewTracking

Then if you visit the ``NewTracking model representation, you’ll see as below, the fields that are included in that object.

Name Type
tracking string, required
vendor string, required
shipping_method string
package_tracking string
cost number
email_ship_to stringbool
email_bill_to stringbool

I think you’ll likely want your request to look a little more like this:

array:3 [▼
"notify_cart" => true
"tracking" => array:2 [▼
  "tracking"=> "1Z85X8W00341190000",
  "vendor" => "some vendor like USPS, etc"
"shipment_id" => "5-1044-1"

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out for any additional clarification.