API to add tracking information to order

When trying to use
{“notify_cart”:“true”,“ship_date”:“2019-07-29 13:55:34”,“tracking”:{“vendor”:“570638”,“tracking”:“1Z3Y04F50300209398”}}

we are now getting
“error_message”: “This API method is deprecated for v3 companies.”,
“param”: null

This was working for us before without any issue

What api and content should we use now


To take any actions on an order with Ordoro 3 you should use the Orders v3 API. This includes adding tracking to an order. Note: the base url is temporarily different for v3 orders.

You can update to /order/1-1001-1/shipping_info. Here is the documentation for that. POST shipping_info.

We were using the other api without any issues before

Can you tell what has changed for us why the api has been deprecated?

Yes, that makes sense.

If you are using Ordoro 3, the v2 shipments endpoints may cause your v3 orders to behave in incorrect ways. Status updates and calculations are only supported with v3 Orders API.

We have recently found that some API users are not using the correct API, thereby causing their accounts to be in various invalid states.

This has been the case for quite some time, but we have only recently begun enforcing it.

When trying to use the recommended API am receiving below - please advise

Replied to the same question here: Order not moving to shipped after adding tracking and updating cart

thank you very much.