API Link mismatch Issue

Dear Support Team,

We are trying to integrate SAP ByDesign with ORDORO system, for which we were using following link - https://private-anon-b10599da89-devapiverson.apiary-proxy.com/order.

Above link was working but since 2 days it was not responding, today when we checked again in the API documentation of ORDORO we found that for PROXY DEBUGGING it is showing a different URL - https://private-anon-b1ff8d6907-devapiverson.apiary-proxy.com/order

We just wanted to check if the URL’s will get changed oftenly or the API is migrated.
And secondly right now the latest API is not working as it is giving a message “Could not get any response”

Please help us with the resolution.


Hey Snigdha,

If you want to integrate Ordoro latest API then you need to use this base url:
Base Url: https://apiverson.ordoro.com/

You can refer this too.
API help required

I hope, It’ll help you.