API request to Product with Tag

We went through the documentation and we were able to successfully make the following api requests:

Wondering if there is a way to make a request to your api so we can access items that are under “Products” with specific “Tags”, so we can access the inventory of that specific tag?

Thank you for your help.

Hey @developer_jaycotss
If you want to filter products by tag, you can add the tag query param.

For example:

You can pass the tag param multiple times. Be sure to urlencode the name of your tag to handle special characters.

This will filter by the assigned product tags. There is not currently a way to filter products by the associated order tags.


That worked great and we were able to make the request which gives us the information of the items under a specific tag.
We have 157 items under a tag, and by default we only get 10 items. We chained the “limit” param to increase the limit to 157, but we only get 100 items. If we cant exceed the limit of 100, would you suggest using “offset” to 100 so we can then get the next 57 items, from 100 to 157? Is what offset is for?

We would be making less than 500 requests per minute. But would the above be an acceptable use of your api?



Our maximum limit is 100. And yes, you are correct about the offset, you can use it to paginate the result set. Just add your limit (in your case 100) to the current offset (0 unless otherwise specified) and make the request again to get the next set of records. You’ll want to make sure you don’t change any of your other params (ie tags or active) while you’re paginating, otherwise you will get unexpected results.

Less than 500 requests per minute should be fine. The API will return a 429 status code and a Retry-After header if you make too may requests.