How to get more than 100 products via API?


We are trying to get more than 100 products to get cost of goods via this link:

However, we are getting only 100. Can we have this fixed?

When I did:

We tried limit = 2000.

I expected:

I expected 2000 products in response.

What actually happened:

We received only 100 products in response.

Request Details

Response Details


Response is good and as expected. But only problem is we are receiving ONLY 100 products instead of 2000.

Request ID

NOT sure on this.


The max limit we allow is 100, you’ll have to paginate through by offset to get all products.


We are already paginating and getting all products but we have to make 195+ calls to achieve this and hampering the performance of system. So if you can increase that, then we can improve it.

I understand. Unfortunately, changing this restriction is not on our roadmap. For performance and response time purposes, this will remain at 100 for the foreseeable future.

However, if we do increase or decrease the max limit, we will update in the forums here.