Attempting to set requested_shipping_method for an order via V3 orders api

Hey there, I am trying to set requested_shipping_method on an order to sync with a system of record. It looks like a text field in ordoro. I tried a Post on the orders endpoint and I cannot get it to post or put.

It seems like it should be possible by the docs but I cannot piece the docs together to make it work.

{ “shipping_method”: “fedex” }
“error_message”: “Additional properties are not allowed (‘shipping_method’ was unexpected)”,

{ “requested_shipping_method”: “fedex” }
“error_message”: “The input field ‘requested_shipping_method’ was not expected.”,

{ “shipping_method”: “fedex” }
“error_message”: “The input field ‘shipping_method’ was not expected.”,

A Put on{order#}/shipping_info
{ “shipping_method”: “fedex” }
gets me “error_message”: “‘tracking_number’ is a required property”,

I am just trying to pass along the ship method requested, so I do not yet have tracking info nor do I want to supply it.


This is a field that has response translation, but on POST it is currently listed as shipping_type.

If you take a look at the JSON SCHEMA in the console area of the order documentation, you’ll see it listed there. Yes, it is a string field.

edited to include the corrected documentation link

Thank you Sophie - I see the adminorderordernumber/post says it’s a “Deprecated endpoint related to caching orders”. Not sure what this means. Further, I do not see shipping_type at all on that page (using search) once I opened up the Json schema. Im not sure what you are saying, are you saying I can post that as “shipping_type” somewhere?

This doesn’t appear to work, can you be more explicit where I might find this?


ok, the documentation is a little hard to read, I did find it but it does not work - a post gets me this: I think post to orders is for creating a new one? I just want to change this field.

I apologize, i entered the incorrect link.

The link i meant was for POST /order

the POST method is to create an order. you’re going to need the entire order payload to create one, and include the shipping_type parameter.

You may not change the requested shipping method after an order has been placed.

Thanks Sophie. We would love to enter that as an enhancement request as our orders are placed elsewhere (BigCommerce) and this method can change on a customer service follow-up.