Cloning Order via API

This question was asked back in 2018 that mentions that in order to clone, we would have to create a new order. Wondering if cloning through API is possible now?

If we have to create a new order in order to clone an existing order, then what’s the minimum information that’s required and if there are any best practices?

And is it possible to assign our own Order ID* when we make a new order? So we can tell it’s a clone of an existing order. Or does the Order ID* get generated by Ordoro which could be anything?

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Following up.

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Hey @developer_jaycotss

It is currently not possible to clone an order via the API.
The required fields to create a new order can be found here

You will have to assign your own order_id. The Order ID you pass will be prepended with the letter M for the Manual Cart unless you also pass a cart_id, in which case it’ll prepend the index of the cart.

So your resulting order number would look like M-<your-order-id-here> if you exclude the cart_id or <cart-index>-<your-order-id-here> if you specify a cart.

ok this was helpful. Thank you!!