Commands not working

Been using the following for months without any issues:

Sometime yesterday, started getting 'status is not recognized as a internal or external command.

Did something change?


I’m not sure what happened. Nothing has changed on our end. Just used the same url sans the sales_channel bit, and received a proper order response.

If this persists, please send the response so we can try and dig into it.

It still persists. We’ve been using this URL for several months (with the sales_channel) without any issues. We parse in orders differently based off the sales_channel ID and need it to work the way it did yesterday.

Trying different things out. This works
but this doesn’t

It appears that it is not accepting more than one command per request.

Hi Dan,

Nothing has changed on our end regarding this api.

I am able to run the full request via curl without issue.

Do you have a response you can send? What language are you using?

works for me as well.

Could you please try

For troubleshooting this, I’m using cURL for Windows

All querystring arguments are being received as expected
Nothing has been changed on the API side.

Figured out what was wrong with curl…I needed some quotes around the command. So now on to our actual issue which is with a ZappySys SSIS plugin.

Its saying that the underlying connection was closed. Received an unexpected EOF

Have there been any changes to SSL or TLS?

No, we had some networking related issues for a couple of hours on the 21st, but this has since been resolved. Are you still running into this EOF problem?

Sill having EOF issues, but appears to be with the method we’re using to download the files. Working on an alternative method that appears to be working. Thanks.