Awaiting_fulfillment status for orders get not allowed?

Hi there, our code has been getting awaiting fulfillment orders for some time now.

I had to test this call for something else and am now seeing an error.

“error_message”: “expected one of [‘all’, ‘archived’, ‘cancelled’, ‘in_process’, ‘merged’, ‘new’, ‘shipped’]”,

If I visit your help docs I see that “awaiting_fulfillment” is a valid status (link). It looks like the docs are out of sync with the API state. Have I missed somewhere where this status was depracated? Are one of the other statuses the new “awaiting_fulfillment”? Thanks

Hello @dma550

The endpoint for orders is (notice the v3 and no trailing slash).
So should do the trick.

Thanks, some legacy code from postman was hitting an old mapped endpoint. is working and not throwing the error. Whoops!