Documentation question, API json body

Just so I understand, maybe I am not reading the docs correctly or there is some ambiguity.:
It looks as if I am making a call to and including “sku” in the body of the request per the docs. This does not work and I find no item, including my “test” sku item I just created.

I went a little further and tried this request, note I replaced the word SKU with test, my actual sku, and did not use a body.

It did work and I have my item. So the documentation seems to indicate that I am supposed to use JSON bodies to specify the sku. Is that body in the documentation

just for the put and not the get maybe?


That looks like a bit of bad parsing in our documentation. I don’t believe you’ll need sku in the body of the request for either of these methods.

In GET requests, there aren’t many instances where the API would accept a JSON payload, if any at all.

Hope that helps

Thank you Sophie! We’re experienced with different API styles but just trying to get used to your conventions. So it looks like parameters are fed as querystring parameters. I think those body elements are really for the PUT, ie Write operation.