Get orders by updated date


Our application need track all orders changes. Initially we load all orders and after this once a day we need to load all orders updates (new and updated orders since previous load). Ideally we need to filter orders by update date, but I did not find such filter in documentation.

Is there any way to filter orders by update date? Or is there another way to incrementally load only orders updated after previous load?

Thank you!


The API does not have a filter for orders updated. Using the v3 Orders API, these are the fields for which you may make a specific date requests and filter on:

  • created_after
  • created_before
  • order_placed_after
  • order_placed_before
  • shipped_after
  • shipped_before

You can also sort on the following in ascending or descending order:

  • order_placed_date
  • order_number
  • ship_date
  • shipping_method
  • status
  • grand_total

For other fields that you may filter on, check out the docs.

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Thank you, I’ve read docs. But could you please advice what is the best way to achieve my task?

Initially our application loads all available orders and stores them in database. After this on daily basis we need to load all orders updates (updated and new orders). It is not efficient to reload all orders every time. For new orders I can use ‘created_after’ filter. But is it possible to know which orders were updated since previous load?

As previously mentioned, there is not a way to do so specifically using the API.

Any plans to implement this?

I’m afraid it’s not on our roadmap as we don’t have a use case for it in our app at this time.

Let me join the party.

Is there a way to get orders cancelled in specified period? (cancelled from date1 to date2)


You could get orders that were created/placed between a certain date range, and also filter on status=canceled, but the following still stands with respect to the updated date, and there is no field for canceled date.

Feature request:
The main idea is to have an endpoint/filter to get status changed over time. Like for “shipped” status.
This is important for such thing like a report. Weekly/Monthly.
Without that feature, I must search back for 6 months.
It is a big difference, to process 10 orders in a period, or process 60000 to find those 10 orders.

researching how to fetch updates on my end too. I really would like to see this added to the web service, it would make for a huge efficiency that would likely take a huge load off of Ordoro’s systems.

It seems like you are describing the shipped_after date filter. But I could be reading that incorrectly

sorry, no a changed_after. There are a few reasons we need to consider orders changed, shipping status is one, but in Ordoro it is very easy to change line items, even accidentally.

Ah, I see what you’re asking for now. Thanks for the clarification. We’ll make a note of that.

Thank you. You guys already have the updated date exposed, having this as a filter would be awesome.