Updated_after and updated_before properties for order/GET operation?

Ordoro V3 supports created_after, created_before, order_placed_after, order_placed_before, shipped_after, shipped_before properties, but there’re no updated_after and updated_before. It doesn’t allow to retrieve recently cancelled orders without retrieving full cancellation list, as we don’t know when the order had been created, if it had been canceled recently,
Are there any plans to introduce created_after and created_before properties in new version?

Hi, we currently do not have plans to introduce updated_after or updated_before. However, if you are looking to filter orders by when they were cancelled, you can pass cancelled_before and/or cancelled_after params.

There is a catch though. This filter was recently added, and orders that were cancelled prior to February 20th 2020 will NOT have the cancelled date populated and thus will not return if cancelled_before or cancelled_after is passed.

Great, that’s exactly what I need at this point! I was looking for a way to filter out cancellations we already processed in out system. We’re a new client, so we don’t have live orders placed before Feb. 20.
Thank you for your help!