How to get specific order shipping cost by order number or order id

How to get shipping cost of specific order by order number or order id?

Hi @virk,
Thanks for the question.

The shipping cost will be in the shipping_info of an order.

Hi @sophie

i’m using this endpoint of api{$order_id}/
I also want to get shipping cost by order number instead of search criteria by date or so.

I got the response from this endpoint, can you please figure out which element index i assume the shipping cost. i found there are more than one shipping cost elements.
Let me give you elements.

  • [shipping_amount] => 10.50

or under this object

This confusing us to decide which is actual shipping amount or shipping cost.


You may be on the incorrect Orders API. Can you verify the version of Ordoro you are using?

See the referenced documentation for the v3 Orders API if you are using Ordoro 3. This will have shipping_info.cost.