Shipping Rate Preview

Hi everyone,

We’re integrating our cart via the API, and our goal is to return the actual shipping cost for an order as a preview on our checkout page. Can you tell us which API resource and request method we would use to do this? A link to the appropriate page in the API docs would be great.

Thank you!


Depending on the carrier, and api version you are using, you’ll use the appropriate endpoint on an order/shipment.



Hi Sophie,

After reviewing the docs, it looks like we need to create the order record first before we can do the rate request. Is that correct?

Since this is just to get a preview of the shipping cost which would display in our e-commerce checkout flow prior to the customer completing the order, we would then need to delete/cancel the order if the customer does not complete their purchase. Is this accurate?


Hi Ross,

Yes, you would need to have an order in Ordoro to attempt to get a rate or create a label. Ordoro does not have any public standalone rate or label creation APIs, nor any shipping calculation plugins for time of checkout, available at this time.

Yes, if the customer did not complete an order, you would probably want to delete/cancel that order in Ordoro.