New Beta Documentation & URL Deprecation


We will be releasing a new version of API documentation for API developers. This documentation will include all API endpoints for you to use in one form rather than the two we have had available for years.

Please feel free to take a look at the document in progress We’d love for you to give us any feedback on the new format.

In addition, we will be deprecating the url in favor of for those Order API endpoints that had their own documentation.

While we still have not brought everything up to V3 of Ordoro, we hope that this will allow API users a little easier workflow when building integrations and workflows of their own.

This deprecation will occur after 60 days, 2021-08-17, after which time, the domain will no longer be reachable.

Please update your existing integrations to reflect this change.

Release Date



Sunset of 2021-08-17T05:00:00Z

To migrate from

  • replace your urls with and include /v3 with your order endpoints. The following routes can be used interchangeably at this time. 


  • You will still need to be mindful that routes with a /v3 version will not have an ending slash in the url.
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