API v2 and v3 deprecation

Release Date

  • Full Deprecation expected by 2019-10-15.
  • Continued rollout begins 2019-09-15.

Breaking Changes

  • If you are on v3 of Ordoro, which a majority of users are, you will no longer be allowed to POST/PUT/DELETE to v2 Orders API routes, including shipment routes.
  • We’ve alluded to this change for some time, and are in a position where we can begin rolling this change out to you.
  • If you use v3 Ordoro, you must stick to the v3 Orders API. The documentation for the v3 Orders API is found here.
  • Current behavior dictates that if you are using api.ordoro.com/order or api.ordoro.com/shipment for any updates or creation and you are on v3 of Ordoro, your Orders tab in app and order API responses may have incorrect order statuses and filters.
  • We have enabled this change for some customers already.
  • We will continue rolling this out in batches to current API users through the next month, beginning the week of September 15th, 2019.


  • If you are only using/have only ever used the v3 Orders API while on v3, this will not affect you.
  • If you attempt to update an order or a shipment while on v3, you will receive an error message:
      "error_message": "This API method is deprecated for v3 companies.",
      "param": null


  • Please make any related comments, questions, or concerns regarding this change in the API here.
  • If you have logistical questions regarding timing of the rollout, please contact support@ordoro with your Support PIN.

i’m currently using the API v3, mainly orders but i do a few calls to the v2 (/product and /cart). Are these endpoints affected by the deprecation?

Hey Afonso
The product and cart endpoints will remain the same.