Ordoro orders, get via tags - tag text vs. id?

Hi, not sure if there is a workaround, but we are using tags strategically as a way to handle workflow. One thing I like is the ability to use the orders endpoint, a tag, and get orders tagged in that state. What I am finding though is that the endpoint seems to take the literal tag text vs a codable ID. Say for instance we have a tag called “pre-approved”. We have to use that in the JSON Tag: “pre-approved”. This isn’t super durable as these tags are easily changed. Is there a means to make the tag get on the v3 orders endpoint take a tag ID and not the literal user changeable text? I tried to specify the tags ID on a get and it didn’t return anything. Thanks

Can’t do it on order create/update, need a seperate query just for adding the tags.


Hmm, I am talking about the order get endpoiint. https://api.ordoro.com/v3/order?limit=10&offset=0&status=all&tag=**HERE** &sort=-order_placed_date - its used literally even in the Ordoro UI.