PUT/POST internal_notes v3?


Is there a way to put or post internal_notes in v3?


Hi Keith,

Yes you can do both. You can include internal_notes as a JSON attribute in both PUT and POST requests to the v3/order endpoint.


I tired. PUT gives me

“error_message”: “None is not of type ‘object’”,
“param”: null

POST gives me

“error_message”: “Missing value”,
“param”: “shipping_address”

I’m updating an order already created.


The first error looks like your request probably does not include a JSON body. Without knowing what tools you are using it is hard to say what your specific issue actually is. Please ensure you are properly attaching a JSON body and are setting the MIME type of your request to application/json.

As for the post, that error means you are missing required values. In this case, you are missing the shipping_address. Please include that in your request. And please note that you cannot POST to update an existing order. That verb will create a new order, not update an existing one.


Ah got it! Thank you!