Retrieving Label

We are trying to retrieve an already created label using the below.

We are receiving the error message of “{“error_message”: “Missing value”, “param”: “shipping_address”}”

Please advise

            HttpResponseMessage httpResponseMessage = await httpClient.PostAsync("order/M-20180801-071502/label/fedex/", null);
            HttpResponseMessage response = httpResponseMessage;
            httpResponseMessage = (HttpResponseMessage)null;
            str = await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
            return str;


POST is creating a label. To retrieve the label Use at minimum
/label?o=:order_number&pdf_type=:pdf_type. link to docs

Example: /label?o=M-4213&pdf_type=single_page.

Hope that helps!

thanks for the reply.

HttpResponseMessage httpResponseMessage = await httpClient.GetAsync("/label?o=M-20180801-071502&pdf_type=single_page");


HttpResponseMessage httpResponseMessage = await httpClient.GetAsync(“label?o=M-20180801-071502&pdf_type=single_page”);

both yield




You should be redirected automatically to target URL: <a href=“;pdf_type=single_page”>;pdf_type=single_page. If not click the link.”


HttpResponseMessage httpResponseMessage = await httpClient.GetAsync(“label/?o=M-20180801-071502&pdf_type=single_page”);


“{“error_message”: “The input field ‘o’ was not expected.”, “param”: null}”

Please advise…

You’re using
Should be using

The v3 orders API documentation can be found here for all orders related endpoints including the label retrieval endpoint referenced above. For Orders, if you are using v3 of Ordoro, you must use the host rather than, the latter of which is used for all other non-orders related requests.

Yep… That did it. Thanks!