RULE documentation

Would it be possible to elaborate more on the RULE documentation? It is currently pretty bone dry with minimal call and body examples.

We have 600+ rules that I’m desperately trying to condense and control, which would be far easier through API than the UI

Hi @masonjaycotss!

Sure, what would you like to do specifically?

/rule/ will either get you a rule, or you can create one using the parameters shown. As you can see here, there is a required field for POST of latch which at this time has only one possible value order_created. This means we’ll run the rule when the order is created. In terms of condition and action, I would suggest taking a look at your existing rules and seeing what their function is.

/rule/reorder/ allows you to reorganize or order the rules based on the current indices of the rules.
/rule/id/ will allow you to delete, get a rule by id, or update a specific rule.

Thanks for asking for clarification on our documentation, we know we’ve got a lot of work to do there and appreciate your understanding.