Shipments API Dates


My goal is to pull a list of orders shipped on August 7th.

Here is my request:


I see shipments from late morning on August 8th syncing. If I only want shipments on August 7th, should I use these dates?


That looks right, assuming you are in the Eastern Time zone.

The exact timestamps will depend on which timezone you are asking for because the start of the day moves around depending on where you are in the world.

These timestamps are in Coordinated Universal Time (or UTC), and 4:00 UTC corresponds the midnight at start of the day in the Eastern Time zone. The timestamps are also returned in UTC, so you’ll also need to be aware of that and make the conversion to the date of your desired timezone.


Using the shipments endpoint, can an order sync prior to being shipped? What does it mean to ship an order in Ordoro? Add a tracking number?