UTC offset when querying

I need to get what was shipped in a given day. Let’s say, Dec, 27, 2018

Considering that my timezone is -5h, will the following URL bring what I need?


Thanks and happy new year!

Sergio Nader

Hi @sergio.nader,

Yes, this should work for you, and you can even leave the millisecond precision outta there. Have you tried it out? Is there a bug you’ve found with it?

Thanks, and happy 2019 to you as well!

Hi Sophie.
What end point is this? Not std api end point I think.
I would lobe to be able to use shipped_ffter and shipped_before perameter on api/shipment or api/order end point.
I do not see those perameters in the documentation.
You have told me that start_date and end_date on shipment endpoint refers to order create date not shipment date.
Is this a new feature?

When I send this - I get created date witin time window but shipment is outside it.
Return from: shipment/?start_date=2019-01-01T19:00:00-05:00&end_date=2019-01-03T18:59:59-05:00&limit=100&offset=0&status=shipped&sort=-ship_date
Total Found: 116
0 : 1-000078250-1
Created: 2019-01-03T23:17:39.160578+00:00.
Shipped: 2019-01-04T21:21:12+00:00

Hey, Sophie. Right now I am using the date/time as 2018-12-27T18:59:00.0. Later I will try leaving the ms out.

Hey, Relston.

Here is where I find those parameters: