Shipping_info endpoint save the Carrier name in Lowercase


The shipping_info endpoint didn’t save the Carrier name in Upper case. It always save it in lower case

When I did:

I tried to Update the shipping info so ordoro API mark the order as shipped and I’ve transferred the Shipping date, tracking_number and carrier_name (In Uppercase) but it get saved in lowercase in ordoro dashboard

I expected:

The carrier name should be saved in Upper case or what ever case we send via API.

Request Details

POST /order/{OrderNumber}/shipping_info

Can you please confirm if there’s any settings under Ordoro dashboard or do we need to send any special parameter to keep the upper case?

Thank you

Please share a request and response to better clarify.

Our API saves internal vendor/carrier/shipper types in lowercase, but has upper/anycase name attributes for each shipper.