User Documentation

I’m looking for documentation about the Users’ APIs but none of the responses in Apiary have any bodies. Is there documentation for these APIs elsewhere or am I missing something?


Hey @ zjrollyson,

I’m not sure i’m following exactly, what is it you’re trying to view in User? You should be able to make a request to the API and receive a response.

Hi @sophie, thanks for your response. I am not an authenticated user. Given what you’re saying, I take it I need to have an Ordoro account set up with users in it and then I can test the APIs to see what kind of information I would get back? There’s not a way to access some kind of public test server with sandbox information in it so that I could evaluate the API before getting an account set up? There’s a “mock server” option in Apiary but the requests don’t return anything.

Ah yes,

We don’t have a public available test server or sandbox. In order to use the API, you must have an account.

OK, thank you very much. If I understand correctly, in order to get a trial account set up I need to schedule a call with someone, yes?

Yes, that’s right, you’ll need to schedule time.