API is not showing records after APR-22


The following API call will work up to pr-21. From Apri-22 to 23, no records are shown though we do have orders placed after that.


does not work.

“limit”: 100,
“offset”: 0,
“count”: 0,
“order”: []
It used to work all the time. We tried changing the limit, supplier, added.remove printed=true/false and nothing worked.

Thank you,


While there are orders in your account after April 21st, I do not see any with dropshipments requested after April 21. The API is returning those results.

Hi, Sophie, Thanks for your reply.

I had just figured it out by myself.
What we need is to know all the orders shows status = dropshipment_requested but filtering it by dropshipment_requested date. How can we accomplish it?



should it be the “requested_date” as shown below?

“presets”: []
“dropshipping_info”: {
“supplier”: {
“id”: 37309,
“link”: “/supplier/37309/”
“requested_date”: “2018-04-21T23:03:44.824208+00:00”,
“show_price”: true,
“requested_shipping_method”: “FedEx Ground Shipping”,
“instructions”: “1 set of 5,000 1/2 page flyers receiving the Q2 Two Months Free promo - English/Spanish. Please ship to address on flyers.”

There is no filter on drop ship requested date. You will have to get the orders and parse that date.

Thank you, Sophie. This is what we are doing now. Have a good day!