Orders Were Shipped but Could Not be Found Via API


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3 Orders were shipped in Ordoro but could not be returned by API.

  1. M-3396-T1-1
  2. M-3396-T1-2
  3. M-3396-T1-3

When I did:

When I call the Ordoro API

I expected:

the orders should be returned.

What actually happened:

The expected orders were not found/returned

Request Details

Get request: https://api.ordoro.com/shipment/?status=shipped&start_date=20180424000000

Request ID

X-API-REQUEST-ID →d3ab413e-da9b-4137-8a37-2b32474b36a8
X-ORDORO-HANDLED-BY →ip-172-31-13-188
X-Ordoro-API-Server →i-0f1b8914119b94aa0 1.528.0

Looks like you are trying to get shipments from the api, not orders. Let me know what you are trying to do, so I can better understand the endpoints you are using.

Hi Sophie,

Yes I am trying to get shipments (or Orders with status = “Shipped” ) from the API. My objective is to retrieve all the shipped orders from Ordoro only. With the shipment API endpoint, I am using the start date as the order create date to query Ordoro and do further data massaging as I learned that the “Ship date” is not opened as a query parameter in the API.

The API endpoint that I have been using has been working so far except the 3 orders I mentioned above which are exceptional. Could you please check what has gone wrong. Thanks.

I see. The thing is, the endpoint you are using is actually to retrieve shipments. If you are trying to get an order, you’ll want to use an order endpoint.

You are using Ordoro 3 in the app, this url should give you the desired orders. Let me know if this helps. One thing to note, you are looking for orders with a start date of 2018-04-24, and the orders mentioned are from 2018-04-23 UTC. It’s possibly you need a different offset if you want to continue to use the shipment api.
order_placed_date": "2018-04-23T22:22:43+00:00"


Let’s clarify, I want to retrieve shipments and I am using the shipment endpoint below which is working.

On the UI it shows that order M-3396-T1-3 was created at Apr 24, 2018 at 6:22am but the created returned by API is showing “2018-04-23T22:30:53.912765+00:00”. What have caused the difference here?

Timezone offset.
Created is created in Ordoro.
Ordered is the date sent when it was placed: "order_date": "2018-04-23T22:22:43+00:00",.