Discrepancy Between API response and Ordoro Screen


This search, ...@apiverson.ordoro.com/order/1-3800000890 works and gives me the following tracking number:

    "shipping_info": {
        "tracking_number": "787059613411", ....

The same shipping_info section shows:

        "tracking_number": "787059613411",
        **"status": null,....**

a) the Fedex site shows this order has been delivered:

b) Ordoro shows the same tracking number (please see the image): https://app.ordoro.com/app#/order/1-3800000890

Why the API response does not show it has been delivered?


Sergio Nader

Ordoro does not update tracking status for FedEx labels.

Hey Sophie!

Thanks for your reply.

Any plans for having it working? I do see it updates for endicia or pitney, for instance.



Apologies for the long delay. We would like for this to have other methods beyond USPS, but we do not have this in our timeline at this time.