API not returning shipment segment, orderid is null etc

On the Yum download file we are not seeing
Under order
No company id
“company_id”: 0, - from yum pull
“company_id”: 570638, - from previous customer file

No order id
“order_id”: null, - from yum pull
“order_id”: “M-SM-25637”, - from previous customer file

Also no id, cart,

No shipments segment

please advise why not getting these values on the download

what went wrong? something like the system 500ed and my new name wasn’t updated.

Request Details

something like POST /product/ or GET /purchase_order/#id/

if there is a relevant payload to attach, do that here too (just remember to obfuscate any private information like passwords or ids).

  "name": "stuff",
  "archive": true

Response Details


  "whatever": "the response body was",
  "scrub_sensitive_info": true

Request ID

this can be found in the X-ORDORO-REQUEST-ID header and will help us trace the request through our logs


I am not quite sure what we’re talking about here. Would you mind clarifying the request?

We have partnered with Yum Earth to pull orders from Ordoro

We are not seeing values populated like our other customer Simple Mills when doing a pull from Ordoro using the API

For instance

File pull for Yum Earth

“company_id”: 0

File pull from Simple Mills

“company_id”: 570638

No order id

“order_id”: null, - from yum pull

“order_id”: “M-SM-25637”, - from Simple Mills file

Also no id, cart,

No shipments segment

Why are there no values coming across for these fields/segments?



Ah, hopefully someone from Yum Earth can chime in here then. As an Ordoro developer, I can’t speak to any of that.