API call not retrieving several values

Our team is using the API to pull orders that are being synced from Shopify but several fields are coming up null. We use this same API call in two different Ordoro accounts (company_ids 572137 and company_id 570638), however, the full order information is not pulling for the account company_id 572137, but it does pull the order information for the account company_id 570638. We’re trying to figure out what this may be. The orders sync properly to Ordoro it seems, And some details of the order do populate but not some important ones like Company ID and Order ID. Just trying to find out if there is something we need to do on the Shopify side or is it an API issue.

This is being used to call for a list of orders.

Some details…
“company_id”: 0,
“cart_order_id”: null,
“cart_shipment_id”: null,
“order_id”: null,

“company_id”: 570638,
“cart_order_id”: null,
“cart_shipment_id”: null,
“order_id”: “M-SM-26148”,

Can anyone help shed some light as to why the two accounts seem to be pulling differently? Any common issues we may be bumping against?

Hey @electric,

This is pretty confusing. Are you transforming data from the responses or is that all null values actually coming from a response via that API GET method?

It appears that both accounts hold orders, so I don’t see why there would be an empty response unless something is possibly transforming an empty response due to failed authorization or something of the like.


Our Shopify Store is PW protected while this is being worked on would that cause any type of authorization issue? I would imagine no because you would want to have the store set up and running before you make anything live or remove a PW since that is only on the front end for users.

We’re banging our heads against a wall as well. The orders sync to Odoro properly it seems— order IDs as well as all data.

Well, are you trying to get orders from Shopify or Ordoro? I can’t speak to the Shopify password stuff, only that two separate accounts in Ordoro would require two separate authentications, and if the orders are in both accounts, then it is confusing why the Ordoro API would be responding with nulls.

Please provide request and response data for the account you are having issue with.

API call:

AbsoluteUri = https://apiverson.ordoro.com/order?status=awaiting_fulfillment&limit=1000&sort=order_placed_date

(the + that was in previous request was provided in error as we will be using the below once we get going to only retrieve new orders based on when we last did a pull

https://api.ordoro.com/order/?status=in_process&created_after=” + strLastPullDate + “&limit=1000&sort=order_date”)

Attached is response data provided by API call

Please let me know if more is needed



(Attachment JsonWebOrder_12112020122572.json is missing)

Attached is screen shot of output

Can you please post the request and response using either CURL or a tool like Postman? Included in the response should be an X-API-REQUEST-ID header, please post this as well. This will help us track down the request in our system.

Here is an example CURL request:

curl --location --request GET 'https://apiverson.ordoro.com/order?status=awaiting_fulfillment&limit=1000&sort=order_placed_date' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: <YOUR AUTH HERE>' \
--data-raw ''