Custom e-Commerce Sales Channel

Hi there,
Is a custom sales channel the same thing as a custom e-commerce integration?
I found information on both topics and am trying to figure out the correct method of integration without using a supported sales channel.

  2. Custom Sales Channels

If a custom channel is set up, will the option for Notify Ship To still appear in the Dashboard?

Are there any plans to add webhooks/callbacks for custom e-commerce integrations?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @joycec!

That would be pretty much the same thing. You’ll want to POST to /cart/ with the type as custom_integration to be able to see this in the sales channels list page and associated other areas.

If you are creating a label and would like to send an email to the ship to address, that checkbox will still work.

We’d love to add webhooks, but we don’t have anything on the roadmap for that this year.


Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried to test this with the Mock Server endpoints, but I’m getting empty responses (200).
Example: POST
{ "type":"custom_integration" }
The documentation for NewCartCustomIntegrationForm doesn’t seem to link to anything. Is this the correct place to test the functionality, or is there some other environment?

Would you be able to clarify some properties of the order JSON request object?

Can order_id be manually generated and added on our side? What’s the difference between this and cart_order_id?
My assumption is that lines is an array of products included in the order. Where would cart_orderitem_id come from?

In regards to product’s JSON, what units do the weight and size (h,w,l) use?


Hmm, I’m not sure what that documentation refers too. We don’t have any test environments, so you’ll have to test in your Ordoro account.

order_id is the Ordoro order identifier, cart_order_id is the identifier unique to the cart/sales channel. You can POSt with an order_id and Ordoro will update it to include the cart index. Like cart_order_id, cart_orderitem_id is the unique line id that is generated in the cart/sales channel.

Weight is oz, dimensions are inches.