Custom Integration - Sending tracking info


We have set up a custom integration with our shop and are wondering what the best way is to send shipping confirmation emails with tracking to our customers.

We were previously using WooCommerce and had our settings set to send out these emails through Ordoro. Since the switch to using the custom integration, these emails are no longer being sent out. We are getting the shipping information including the tracking numbers back from the API but we are wondering if we need to send out these emails using our own email solution or if there is a way to notify the Ordoro API to send out these emails for us.

If you are using POST /order/order_number/shipping_info, you can use the notify_*_to fields to send emails.

See the docs for the two flavors notify_ship_to or notify_bill_to:

Awesome, I think we have this sorted out now. Thank you!

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