Deprecated Shipment Rate and Label Endpoints and Package Attributes

Release Date

Tue Feb 1, 2022

Breaking Changes

This is a follow up and official announcement of the deprecation of top-level package attributes in a rate or label request. This is also a follow up related to v2 to v3 API changes, specifically related to the deprecation of/v3/shipment/: shipment_id/rate/:carrier and /v3/shipment/: shipment_id/label/:carrier endpoints.

Related to:

In the related forum post we discussed moving from top-level package attributes to a nested packages attribute that allows for multi-package rating and labels for carriers that support them. We had post-poned full deprecation of the top-level elements indefinitely at the time, but are now ready to remove these items from our API.

What this means

  • As of 2022-02-01 if you make a request to a /v3/order rate or label endpoint including top-level package parameters, you may receive an error or an incorrect rating or label.
  • Please refer to the previous announcement regarding the necessary steps to take to update your code.
  • Please refer to the Ordoro API Documentation for available attributes within packages.

Related to:

Following up from our previous v2 to v3 deprecation of endpoints, we had specialized /shipment endpoints for v2 users that were using our old url. This is a pretty old implementation, and we doubt that anyone is using this currently, however we want to cover our bases and ensure we are offering any breaking change information to the users of our API.

Do I need to do anything?

Probably not, but

  • If you are using any /v3/shipment/:shipment_id/label/:carrier endpoints in your integration to the Ordoro API, please refer to the Ordoro API Documentation label tag and update your code to make requests to /v3/order/:order_number/label/:carrier.

Confirming?: this does NOT affect Ordoro API Documentation (/label)?

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That’s correct. At this time we are deprecating the /v3/shipment/:shipment_id/{label or rate}/:carrier endpoints. As well as removing the ability to get rates and create labels with top level package attributes such as height, width, weight, etc.