Cannot Generate Label

I’ve had a process that’s worked for well over a year regarding generating a label now says:

{“message”: “This route has been deprecated. Please see the docs for the newer version:”}

What’s the replacement for:[shipment ID]/label/generate/

and shipping USPS/Endicia?


Hi @dwedwick,

We created a post for this, and sent out a few emails regarding the change. Perhaps we missed your email address.
Update information can be found here: API label/rate endpoint deprecation on 2017-09-30.

You can see in the docs link given in the response, the params for those endpoints below

Please now use the following endpoints for USPS via Endicia.

  • /shipment/:shipment_id/label/endicia [POST]
  • /shipment/:shipment_id/rate/endicia [GET]

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Are the parameters to the endpoints the same, and just the endpoint address changed?

I’m now seeing messages like:

{“error_message”: “Additional properties are not allowed (‘email_ship_to’, ‘shipper_type’ were unexpected)”, “param”: null}

Is there documentation about what properties are allowed?

The parameters and response have changed, please take a look at the referenced documentation.

Here is Endicia label specifically from the link

Thanks. I see now what’s changed and what needs to be changed.