Follow Up: Deprecation Update: DELETE /purchase_order/

DELETE /purchase_order/ will soon be deprecated. Please use POST /purchase_order/:po_id/cancel/ to cancel your purchase order

As a follow up to our previous post and reiteration:
We are changing the way we cancel Purchase Orders in the API. Rather than setting a status for cancelled purchase orders, we will have a cancelled_date key serialized on the response.

What this means:

Deprecation is coming soon:

  • You can now see cancelled_date in a purchase order response object.
  • Currently, you will see both cancelled_date populated as well as status=cancelled on the purchase order from the API response.

After Deprecation:

  • On November 1st we will be deprecating the cancelled status on a purchase order response object.
  • We will still include cancelled purchase orders in the /purchase_order/count/ endpoint.
  • You will still be able to filter on cancelled purchase orders.
  • However, you will not see status=cancelled on a purchase_order after November 1st.
  • POST /purchase_order/:po_id/uncancel/ will restore your PO to its pre-cancelled status, and then you may take action on it as needed.

After November 1st on a cancelled PO you will see cancelled_date populated with a date and the status of the purchase order before it was cancelled will remain.

Again, these changes are an effort to disallow accidental actions to be taken on a cancelled purchase order as well as being able to properly restore a purchase order from a cancelled state to its previous state.

You will need to use the new endpoint mentioned above in order to restore a cancelled Purchase Order, much like restoring an Order in the app.

Original Deprecation Update regarding DELETE Purchase Order