Upcoming Deprecation and API Change - DELETE /purchase_order/

DELETE /purchase_order/

We are changing the way we cancel Purchase Orders in the API. Rather than setting a status for cancelled purchase orders, we will have a cancelled_date key serialized on the response.

What this means:

During Rollout:

  • Within the next couple of weeks you will begin to see cancelled_date in a purchase order response object.
  • During this time, once we roll out the cancelled_date you will see both cancelled_date populated as well as status=cancelled on the purchase order from the API response.

After Deprecation:

  • On November 1st we will be deprecating the cancelled status on a purchase order response object.
  • We will still include cancelled purchase orders in the /purchase_order/count/ endpoint.
  • You will still be able to filter on cancelled purchase orders.
  • However, you will not see status=cancelled on a purchase_order after November 1st.

After November 1st you will see cancelled_date and the status will be whatever status the purchase order was before it was cancelled.

This is being changed in an effort to disallow unnecessary actions to be taken on a cancelled purchase order as well as being able to properly restore a purchase order from a cancelled state to a previous state.

More related changes will come to purchase orders including those that will prevent any actions on a cancelled purchase order except restoration. We will announce here as we roll any API related changes out.