I want to push orders into ordoro account. There is no field to send image URL in create order end point

            I am using the following link to create an order.

I don’t see any field to send my image URL to get printed on a product from sunshine or ordoro. Please suggest or help.

Hi @amardeept!

Thanks for coming in with your question. If you are trying to associate images with products, you’ll need to do so with sales channels. We do this automatically for Shopify connections and can enable it for Bigcommerce. That’s the simplest way to get this going.

We are currently working on updating this workflow, but at this time for API use, you may use the following referenced in the documentation here https://ordoro.docs.apiary.io/#reference/product/productskucartcartidimage.
You’ll post a list of images and will need to set one as the default to get this going.

The images list should be formatted as below:

  "url": "string",
  "is_default": "boolean"

Hope this helps!