Inventory graph endpoint gives invalid data

For example I clearly see 79 in stock, querying the product data individually shows 79 in stock, but using inventory graph shows 3 in stock. If I were to query every individual product since inventory graph is unreliable I’ll end up getting a 529 error. What’s up with the junk data?

can you show some examples of the response data or include a request id? that additional data would hopefully help us understand your question a bit better.

our bug report topic template has some good guidelines:

Request Details

something like POST /product/ or GET /purchase_order/#id/

if there is a relevant payload to attach, do that here too (just remember to obfuscate any private information like passwords or ids).

  "name": "stuff",
  "archive": true

Response Details


  "whatever": "the response body was",
  "scrub_sensitive_info": true

Request ID

this can be found in the X-ORDORO-REQUEST-ID header and will help us trace the request through our logs

So upon further investigation:

using list products also returns the invalid data

only querying individual products returns valid data

furthermore it appears the problem was doing a one time inventory import via CSV. The “invalid” data is the old data ignoring the import basically. If we manually update the inventory on the ordoro UI it corrects those numbers across all endpoints.

Bump because this is still very much a bug with API not reflecting inventory thats been updated via csv import

please reply with requested data for further investigation.