PO Receipts API possible bug?

Hello support

We’re using your API to collect information about our open POs for our stock valuation. It seems like we have found a bug or conflict with an element “po.item.quantity_received” and how it relates to receipts that may be deleted. I had sent exact details to support@ but Jess recommended I post it here. I don’t love posting about bugs with account specific details in a public forum, but here it is.

Consider PO#20210813-172433650
image of issue

Note the red arrow on the left. At the PO line level it seems like we have received 6. However, in reality, that receipt was deleted and this value should be 0.

If I look a the po (right side) you’ll note that the bottom arrow shows the status = “deleted”. It would seem as if the PO item level “quantity_received” value is not considering the deleted status of the receipt and ignoring it. It would be a somewhat messy process for our code to go in and iterate all goods receipts vs. relying upon the incorrect value you are giving here. Please let me know if I can provide any information to help figure this out.


Hi there! As a follow up, we’ve discussed this in a support ticket.

If anyone else needs assistance with a similar problem, feel free to reach out to Ordoro Support (support@ordoro.com). You can reference ticket 392960 as an example.