Kit parents of a sku


How can we get the kit parents for a sku? These are the kit parents skus that show under “Kit Component Info,” and we are interested in getting the product skus that show under it.

We have tried the following:{ordoro_sku}/?kit_component=true{ordoro_sku}/?kit=true
Above will show the child skus, but not the parent kits.

We also looked at inventory_graph and kit_graph. Below is the endpoint we used for these:{ordoro_sku}/inventory_graph{ordoro_sku}/kit_graph

But seems like this gives information about each and every node that are nested and connected to each other, but we only want direct “kit parents”.

Attached is the snippet of the section in red we would like access to.

Thank you for your help.

When we make request to the below:{ordoro_sku}/inventory_graph{ordoro_sku}/kit_graph

We get the data we are looking for under edges object, is there a way to pass in additional parameter to the above urls, so we can just get the data that’s in edges object?

Because some of our skus are heavily nested which leads to failure in getting a response from your server