Order Info Via API To Detect If Split Order

Hi ya,

We’re using V2 of the api I believe. This is an example of a GET call to an order


I’m wondering, is there anyway to easily detect if an order has been split.

Meaning, is there additional variable added that I can easily look out for that’s specific to a split order.


If you’re on v2 of Ordoro, the notion of a split order does not exist.

Okay thanks.

I think I actually found a way, incase anyones interested.

If “is_order_parent” is “true” - then it’s a split order… false it is not.

At least a quick indicator. How many times it’s split is another story. :slight_smile:

If you are seeing that an order is split then you must be using v3. If you are on v3 of Ordoro and you are using the v2 order API you may find orders in a bad or unexpected state.

Ahh okay then I must be. I thought v3 had a different url but I must be mistaken.

I appreciate the help.