Order splitting

I am doing split using this call https://ordoro.docs.apiary.io/#reference/order/orderorderidsplit

First of all, doc is broken, there is no reference what is SplitOrder. Ok, I took a look how this did in Ordoro CP.

So, making a call the order has been splitted. I can see child orders ids in parent order and can find those child order using api.

ISSUE: I do not see the child orders in Ordoro CP but still see the parent order. On other side, if do the splitting from CP, the parent order become hidden and children are appearing.

Expected that API should work like CP does.

Hi Ivan,

What are you trying to split orders for?

Which version of the API are you using? If you are not using the v3 orders API you should not be splitting orders. But if you are using the v3 Orders API, you should not be using the documentation you referenced, hence why your orders are not visible.

Hi Sophie,

I took the doc link from ordoro.com/developer page
All links on that page and footer are pointing to docs .ordoro. apiary. io
There and on developer articles pages (e.g. https://github.com/ordoro/api-examples/wiki/Integrating-a-3PL-or-supplier-system-with-Ordoro) API base url is api. ordoro. com
I don’t know which the API version is.

So, where I can find v3 docs and what is the correct API url?

P.S. Order was split, I see this in API response, I see children IDs in “main” order and I can load the child by id. But CP does not show them and shows an error when i’m trying pass ID in url.


We have been working on moving the orders tab in our app as well as API to a new version, and the orders API is affected by this currently. The version of the app you are using will determine the API you should use. If you see a button to split an order in the UI, you are on v3.

I’m not sure what a CP is.

If you are creating orders using the old version of the API, but you are on v3, those orders will not be visible in the app. You must use the temporary v3 orders API to see orders in the v3 version of Ordoro.

Here is a support article regarding API versions https://support.ordoro.com/which-api-version-should-i-use/.

Here a link to the documentation for the order splitting endpoint and also the v3 API documentation. https://devapiverson.docs.apiary.io/#reference/order/orderordernumbersplit

Also, thank you for the heads up on the original order split documentation you mentioned, this is not used and unreliable, and we will be removing it from the API and documentation.

Hope all of this gets your orders going!

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Thank you for your answer.

To clarify some things:
CP is app.ordoro.com (v3)
Orders are creating in WooCommerce (v3.2.6) and synced to Ordoro
API is used for order processing.

Also, I tried to use new API, and my app broke down. [2018-02-22 15:07:05] local.ERROR: Client error: POST https://apiverson.ordoro.com/product/ resulted in a 404 Not Found response:
{“error_message”: "404 Not Found: The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please (truncated…)

This was not expected. Expected to have legacy API functionality at new API URL too.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve never seen the abbreviation CP, so I wasn’t sure what it stood for, though I gleaned you meant in the app.

I’m sorry about the broken piece. The base url apiverson.ordoro.com should only be used when dealing with order specific tasks, you’ll have to have both bases in your app if you are using more than order functionality.


So, is apiverson.ordoro.com planned to be merged with api.ordoro.com?
Or maybe we will have something like api .ordoro .com /v3/
I need an understanding of future around this to provide the best solution, that keeps working after API development will be done.


Yes the future will be to move apiverson to api, this is a temporary API, and you should follow the forums for API Announcements on the rollout.

We are working toward getting these merged in the coming months, and there will be breaking changes and endpoints to track.