API Behavior Change When Order-Splitting?

We use the V3 API to retrieve orders from our sales channels. Previously, when an order was split into multiple shipments, the “parent” order was removed from the API results and was not visible in the web app UI. Now we are seeing the “parent” order in both places, after the order is split. I haven’t been able to find an announcement of this change, or any documentation about the behavior.

Can y’all tell us when you changed this behavior? Thanks!

Hi @cwaltrip

The split order behavior hasn’t changed. The parent orders will not show up in the GET /v3/order list endpoint but can be accessed with GET /v3/order/<order_id> directly, however they cannot be modified.

Can you provide the endpoints you are using as well as any X-API-REQUEST-ID headers that were returned so we can find the requests on our end?